The Life Lasagna
With Mister Meatball
THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 2020 -- Who doesn't like lasagna? Seriously. Who?

Have you ever known a person with an aversion to layers of baked pasta sheets separated by things like tomatoes, soft cheeses, ground meats, sausage and, for those who respect tradition, a fine béchamel?

What, exactly, is there to a lasagna that is not to like?

That's what I thought you'd say. And so here are four different lasagne that you can make for yourself at home during the current lockdown.

The first is the most traditional lasagna in my repertoire. It's Bolognese style and my favorite. I make the noodles myself (here's how) and whip up a Bolognese sauce. (You can see mine here.) You should have a staple like béchamel in your arsenal, of course, but if not, check your favored cookbook. Or, if you must, pick up a commercial mix on your next socially approved shopping run.

Next up is a 100-layer--Yes, I said 100-layer!--twist on the same recipe. You may need some help from a person with whom you are quarantined to make this variation. And have your Dutch oven ready.

If you want to get really ambitious and make black-ink pasta there's a lobster lasagna I dreamed up a while back. Besides, lobster is shockingly inexpensive these days.

Last but not least, a lasagna that doesn't use layers of traditional lasagne noodles but polenta instead.

These recipes, all regularly tested and frequently eaten, are Mister Meatball approved. Naturally, there are hundreds--neigh, thousands--of alternative recipes just a click away on the Internet.

If you are of that persuasion, you can do a vegetarian version. The basil-layered lasagna supposedly cooked by Carmela Soprano was a hot item during the run of The Sopranos. And before he fell out of favor due to his atrocious personal behavior, Mario Batali had a much-admired approach, too.

I admit that even the simplest lasagna takes a little prep and some time to prepare. But time is something we all seem to have just now.

And, c'mon, how many jigsaw puzzles can you screw around with? Besides, my idea tastes better.